Supervisión para el Mejoramiento de la Carretera Granada - Malacatoya.

Country: Nicaragua
Language: EN
Number: 9086027
Publication date: 12-04-2018
Source: The World Bank


Project: P160359 - Rural & Urban Access Improvement Project | Country: Nicaragua | Team Leader: Gorham, Roger | Product Line:
General Information
Bid Description Supervisión para el Mejoramiento de la Carretera Granada - Malacatoya.
Notice Type Contract Award
Borrower Bid Reference Consultant Award (QCBS, QBS, FCS, LCS)
Language of Notice Spanish
Contract Award

Project: P160359-Rural and Urban Access ImprovementProject
Loan/ Credit/TF Info: IDA-59640
Bid/Contract Reference No: NI-MTI-17636-CS-QCBS
ProcurementMethod: QCBS-Selecci ón basada en calidad y costo
Scope of Contract: Supervisión parael Mejoramiento de la Carre tera Granada - Malacatoya.
Notice Version No: 1

Contract S ignature Date
Duration ofContract

12 Month(s)Minimum Qualifying Score

80Awarded Firm(s): INCOSA
Country: Nicaragua

Technic al:
Specific Experience: 10.00
Wor k Plan andMethodology: 20.00
Key Expertise: 42.00
Training: 19.50
Local Inputs: 7.00
Combined: 98.80
Read OutPrice
NIO 12,641,516.70
Final Evaluation d Contract Price
NIO 12,641,516.70< div > EvaluatedFirm(s):CACISA
Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica

Technical: 94.25
Specific Experience: 10.00
Work Plan andMethodology: 19.00
Key Expertise: 42.00
Training: 16.25

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